Damage deposit

According to booking.com, so far the damage deposit I can collect is only made by cash and returned as cash. I consider this as a ridiculous policy since I will not be always available to greet guests and most of all not available to meet them when they leave. So in my opinion this should be fixed asap.

But my concern is that I sent messages to the people that booked with me to give them the opportunity to pay this deposit using other means like bank transfer or paypal. Did I do something wrong by this? I already had 2 cancellations after I notified the clients about the damage deposit. I need some clarification on this.

BrookAve 2 years ago



I have not seen anything about cash only.


But at end of the day Deposit has nothing to do with BdC, so you do you.


Setup a message on the New Message Template at top.

"Deposit required with in x hours or days (min 24h).  
These are the payment prepay methods available:





Failure to comply , or not completed within the time limit will result in reservation voided and cancelled."


You can include things like paypal email address for the amount to be sent to.

IBAN to use to transfer;


Maybe use a money transfer service.



As long as you enable Deposit required and the amount in the Property > Policies page, you are covered.


Its entirely on the Guest to do what they are told, and if they dont like it, dont book or you void and cancel it.


Under the reservation details page is Request Cancel, the option 1 is for when people do not prepay (rate and or deposit).


setting up a manual use - message template for the deposit is a good idea, you just reuse it when needed to remind them