To de-list my all my properties from booking .com

Hello, to the Booking.com team,you have been always ahead of providing everything that is necessary for customers.

No matter how far they come from your cooperation was always great 

I made a blunder by creating three of my same properties and same profile,lately I am facing a lot of trouble from booking.com because it's not easy to de-list my property at this site so please help me🙏🙏


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Jarratt - Acco… 2 years ago

Hi Rakesh, 


Thank you for the positive feedback, that is much appreciated! 


Please follow the directions in the link shared above by BookAve, or you could contact the Partner Support team (via phone, or Inbox in the Extranet) for assistance and guidance. 


All the best, 


Julian Philpott 2 years ago

Hi Jarratt

We're also thinking about leaving the platform as our properties are closed by BDC pending location verification, which has taken over 22 days (and counting) one one property and has just been initiated on another (they are both next door to each other). Why this process isn't done prior to launch, and why it takes so long is beyond us. We're just told that BDC is short staffed. Really not happy and have had no clear explanation from Customer Support, via phone or extranet message. How can this be resolved without further delay?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.