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Define Room Types: Single Double, King, Queen, Deluxe, Superior ... etc

I have a question about the "Room Name": it seems that there is no set guidelines as to what all these terms mean, and there should be.

Could anyone help me understand characteristics of each room, I would like to know in detail what separates Deluxe from Superior ...or is this all mumbo jumbo marketing blah blah... As I understand, Single, Double, Queen and King refer to bed Size:

Bed Sizes Char UK, EU, US compare CM Inches

This makes everything very confusing because UK, US and EU all use different definitions. UK King is 150x200 whereas in the US it is 190x200 not to mention that standard EU sizes are:

  • 80 x 190 - Single
  • 120 x 190 - Wide Single
  • 140 x 190 - Small Double or One and a Half
  • 160 x 190 - Queen *** this is EU standard for most Beds aka Marital Bed
  • 180 x 190 - * We dont really call these anything else, perhaps: Wide Queen 
  • 190 x 200 - I guess this would be a King
  • 200 x 200 - and Wide King  

So Bed Size I understand... but what about the "DELUXE" and "SUPERIOR"  Is this internal Hotel speak to differentiate between their own rooms, for example: - Queen Room = medium sized room with no extras - Deluxe Queen Room = Larger room with TV - Superior Queen Room = Huge room with high ceilings mini bar and 4K Projector

- OR -

Are there actual metrics which define these terms, for example "Deluxe room is at least 50meters square" or "Superior Room must contain windows at least 120cm high"... Because if there isn't any metrics why don't we just all call our rooms SUPERIOR and use it as clickbait for non-suspecting travellers. Room Name, Room Type

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Adriano Gissi 3 years ago

Hi dear,

If you come in Italy I'll give you a job! :)

The difference between superior deluxe etc it's just "a name"... use the one you think will be more profitable. Just remember you need to have a standard to create a superior (in the past I got this information, maybe something changed...) 


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Royal Loft 3 years ago

Ciao Adriano! Thanks for your reply, I am located in Venice, Italy... so we are neighbours. I think we should first make a phone application for ISTAT an Polizia di Stato which scans ID's and submits the info without having to manually do it all the time... that is my greatest pet peeves in Italy.  other than that all my apartments are now "Double Mega Superior Super King Room with Balcony and Sea View" 


leo.stayinalnw… 1 year ago

Think this thread deserved more than 2 comments. I too have had this question and I've been in this game for over 20 years now. But, think Adriano is correct. 

Flexis One South 1 year ago

Me too have the questions which the helpline cant resolve the issue, am still waiting their reply and got into this thread while searching in google about the room types info