Deleting object from listing

Hellol. How can i delete my flat from listing?

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hey Nino,

Aw, deleting your listing ? 

Send a message to Booking.com via your Inbox on the extranet. Just select Booking.com messages and tell them why you want to delete your flat. 

Keep well. 

Terje Heggdal 1 year ago

I have a room nr 8767995 that I just want to delete, but I find no delete options by choosing Room details in the extranet. For now I just closed the room for bookings. The bad thing is that its calender was linked to Airbnb. If I close or delete this room on Booking.com, will that affect the same room on Airbnb ?


I have instead registered a quadruple room under Airbnb and Booking at Postvegen 95 ( property nr 7976662). I will instead link that room to my Airbnb calender. Since all my rooms belong to the same address, I find it more logical to have all rooms in one place and not as separate properties.