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I have decided to go through an agency this year in order to maximise my bookings. It is an agency that is already registered with booking.com. However, I have to deregister from taking direct bookings. I already have five direct bookings and I am concerned That if I do deregister, those bookings will be lost. This is obviously not an option for me. Also I need to know how to deregister from booking.com.

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When you say that the agency is already registered with our platform, do you mean they have created another listing for your property so you now have two listings? If this is the case, we would need to mark one listing as duplicate - please contact partner support through your Extranet to do so under the Inbox tab > Booking.com messages. Please also advise that you are still able to accommodate the existing bookings and block out the calendar accordingly on the new listing.


If you only have one listing, then we just need to allow the agency access to the listing you have. If they already have a partner login with us, just let our partner support know that we need to add your listing to their account so they can access and manage the listing for you. The bookings will remain on the listing and all your content as well.


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