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Hi everyone,


I'm wondering how we as a host can change the description of our facility on Booking.com.

As a host, it's perfectly possible to write information on your facility, but still, Booking.com writes it's own description on a facility. What makes that information given to customers sometimes isn't correct.


For example, we have a hottub in our garden. Booking.com describes this as a warmed swimming pool. Which of course is misleading information for the guests.


Anyone who can tell me how to change this description?


Thanks a lot!

Lisa - Barrage27

Michael 1 month ago

Hi Lisa, from what I understand of the site, you can’t add or change it directly. The description is created I think using AI from the information we enter via the multiple tick box’s, if there’s an error as with your facility’s or a spelling mistake then you would need use the “contact us” selecting the reason for doing so etc etc. it’s a similar situation with photo galleries, if the site feels there’s not enough in your album you’ll be looking through one day to find some awful images that have been chosen for you. A classic on our page was of car parking area photographed from a different property and of the entrance to a tube (metro) station covered in graffiti and street grime. 

I hope this helps,


Lisa Van Dorp 1 month ago

Thanks I lot Michael!

I will try to contact Booking.com than :)


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M Adamopoulou 1 month ago

Hi Lisa and welcome to the Partner Community. 


In your Extranet you can request from booking.com to change whatever is wrong . They check and make changes.


Wish you luck.

Lisa Van Dorp 10 days ago

Thanks to all of you for the replies! I followed your instructions and now the description is as it should be :)