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Directions to the property

No matter how many times I tried to fill the information i failed. Is there anything i could do?

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Konstantinos K… 4 years ago

The show on map cursor is in the wrong position. Guests can't find the property at all !!!!

Boxes with directions to the property from airport cannot be completed

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Benita Cyster 4 years ago

Hi Konstantinos 1. cursor - are you talking about the cursor on your marketing maps or google or which site?

2. "boxes from airport"  - do contact your local municipal or regional council to assist you 

3. the best is to contact your guests directly and tell them to follow your guidance - a letter you send to them with proper directions

           - a whatsapp or message location drop and you are good to go 

  - just NB to tell guest to ignore all other directions and only to believe in yours as we all now municipal services to make mistakes 

hope this helps your dilemma

happy signage !!

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hi! Konstantinos and welcome to the Partner Community.

I had similar problems with my property.

I found my exact coordinates in Google maps and send a message request through Extranet inbox to replace pin on the right spot.

After that placed the pin/cursor in the right place.

Hope this can help you and wish you good luck.



Peter Smith 4 years ago

In with my pictures, I added a screenshot of my area on Google maps and coloured in the route to my apartment from a main road.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

In my listing I have also two pictures with google maps and directions.

It helps if guests follow instructions if they don’t follow instructions it doesn’t...

Wish you a lovely evening.