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Discontinue advertising on

Can't find any help with my topic.  I wish to discontinue advertising my property with  There is no reason in particular.  I haven't ever had a booking through you, so, the reason, therefore, is meaningless.


Please take my property off of your web site.


Jill Cofer

3 years ago

Hello Jill Cofer! Welcome to the Partner Community. Will you, please, tell us more about your property and what you were doing from the business perspective to get reservations? 

We test a new service with account advisors who can give you business advice, but what is more important, we have really experienced partners hear who may also help you. 

BrookAve 3 years ago

This reminds me of the time Halo ( now My Taxi ) came to Dublin, and the other taxi company drivers who of course worked for all of them, a % didnt like having a new guy on the block, and couldnt understand the concept of an other source of work, which then you only pay a fee to if you get work from them.


Since you are already registered with other OTS having one more is more of a good thing so long as you can keep up with blocking calendar for the other OTA .

It is not costing you anything to keep it open either, would make more sense to just leave it as is.


#JustSaying :)


Kind Regards, Be Safe , Be Well