why does my property gives discount?  who is in charge of giving discount on my property.  I want a set price with no discount please

Daleen Agenbag 2 months ago

can someone please get in contact with me.  It is very difficult to get in contact with you

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AG Lodging 2 months ago

Hello Daleen, this is a partner community, so it's not right place to solve this problem.

For this particular question, you should contact Booking.com support.

Daleen Agenbag 2 months ago

How do I contact booking.com?  I seem to be lost in all the it stuff and can't get a woring emai adress?  Can you perhaps share the mail adress?

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Fluff (new account) 2 months ago

First stop is to check all your promotional settings. Ones to look out for in particular;

  1. Genius member = BDC guest-account holders can get various levels of discount depending on your properties inclusion on the scheme and the levels you accept. Check you have not been automatically included when signing up.
  2. Other set discounts e.g. Mobile-rate. Many of these "Stack" leading to nasty surprises.
  3. Then check for any other promotions that may be set.

If none of the above, check your pricing on BDC is the same as any other offer you have online, if it's not BDC might be price-matching your offer.


Sometimes BDC create their own offer, which is supposed to come out of their commission, with you receiving the same net price from the rate you have set.


Failing all of that, do as @AG Lodging suggested above. 

Anila Syed 2 months ago

If you click 'Inbox' in your portal, then you have the option to send BDC messages.

I was also having that issue and I have increased my prices a little to make up for the 'discounts'

Also, if you click around in your BDC portal, you find lots of different pages where you can set the rates or switch things off.

It took me a long time to work it out. 

Good luck!