Double booking

Hi everybody

I don't know how could it happen but somehow there is a double booking for the same period on my property. One on Airbnb and another one on bookingdotcom. As the airbnb was earlier and when I confirmed that one I immediately removed availability on bookingdotcom I think there is a software issue.


Anyhow: please tell me how can I solve this difficult situation. 10 minutes after he booking happened I already called support to cancel the reservation and I also messaged the guest that this reservation has to be cancelled


Thanks, for your help

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hello, Happy I think you did the best thing...

Unfortunatelly sometimes double bookings occur. 

The best solution is when you get a new reservation, make sure you close the dates manually on other platforms and vice versa. This will prevent double-bookings, because syncing doesn't occur in real time. 

This is what booking.com recomends...

Wish you all the best....