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Double bookings via BDC only

Double bookings occurred twice since an error in the system allowed for this. 

Accidently somehow the roomstatus - green bar - in the calendar area showed availability, though booked! The reservations show clearly the dates are booked already.

That should not be possible. 

I have one room only. 

But the system is set up for multiple rooms. 

Can the technical people change this please, since I don't want to go through the hassle of chasing the guests to make them cancel. My guests still haven't cancelled! 

Luckily al my guests pay on arrival, so that problem is solved, but if the BDC team find alternative accommodation for them I have to pay the difference. That is not fair. Because the system allowed for this mistake. 

Anyone had this experience before? This is the second time within one month. 

I had a chat with the admin team and they said I must change everything manually instead of bulk edit to prevent this happen again. 


Many greetings, 

Aaltje B. 



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Oh Ella, that’s terrible!!!


I can’t believe the reply BDC gave you...that’s awful...maybe you should message again and report this..maybe the support team wasn’t a professional one!!!


It has not happened to me but from conversations in the Partner Community.... I understand it’s better if you settle the matter with the guests explaining to them that the system broke down....

Just a suggestion...hope partners with more experience can give you a better advice.


Wish you settle this awful situation.


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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Maria 


I managed to find alternative accommodation, which was extremely hard and time consuming. 

What a stress!! 

Everything that I liked and was similar in price was already booked. 

So this is gonna cost me money. 

And that after all the hundreds of questions I have answered for booking dot com in my free time, and for no rewards! You know what I mean. 


Anyway. Three double check now to see the the area for confirmed bookings shows completely red from top to bottom. 


But despite all this, deep breath, keeping on keeping on. 



Aaltje B. 


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

So Sorry Ella!!!


No rewards for no one!!!


Yes , check again and again... I have noticed that sometimes bulk edit doesn’t work....

So far I am lucky!!!

Hope this never occurs again..

Forget it and move on...

Don’t forget positive thinking helps...


Sergei - Commu…
3 years ago

Hi Aaltje B.! Sorry to see you have this problem. Please contact the support to report the issue.