Drugs Being Sold from Our Room



We are a very small boutique hotel in London.  Over the past few months we have had two people book our room for the purpose of splitting or whatever they do with drugs.  

They arrive with no bags, a number of young men come and go from the room and after a few hours they leave.


London is plagued with drugs and knife crime at the moment.  I want to stop these bookings but Booking.com are not very helpful, they suggest I contact the Police.  If I did that, I do not think my neighbours would be too pleased and the men that are using the room for drugs know that we also live on the property so it leaves us open to them returning and causing trouble.


If I refuse the booking and they go else where, I am then also liable for the payment of the other reservation they make.


Due to the last spat of this, I closed the room down on Booking.com - does anyone have any advice.


As I said, we are only small, with one room to offer and booking.com currently take our payments.


Appreciate any support/advice.


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Mary Burden 3 years ago

I forgot to mention, Booking.com asked me to report the guests conduct on line, when you do this, they can pass the information to the guest who again, can return to our home and cause trouble - really not helpful at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BrookAve 3 years ago



Ok first thing that comes to mind is always insist on photo ID, scan or use mobile phone to record copy, then give that with a police report to local police.


Also asking for id should help deter them coming back.


I would suggest talking to the police dept liaison who does drug awareness programs as they might already have ideas on how to deal with it.


Yes they might decide  to setup a sting to catch them in the act. 


I'd leave bdc out of it if they cant be helpful.



Kind regards


Ps, doing nothing is not an option, the the first step and talk to the police 

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Lubos Smidak 2 years ago

I have similar experience, we need something coming from the portals to help us.

Thanks for the tip to simply ask police to come and check, if the amount of drugs is above limit, they will get in trouble.