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Why doesn't Booking.com send an e mail immediately that a guest sends a message? 

A guest sent a message at 6pm last night, but Booking.com doesn't send a message me until 8am the next morning.  

On Airbnb, the moment that a guest sends a message, I immediately get from Airbnb (i) a text (ii) a notification and (iii) an e mail.   There is no way I can miss any message, and thus I can deal with guests' issues immediately. 

I just can't understand why Booking.com can't do this too, 

BrookAve 2 years ago




Actually it does so the typical reason it may appear to be delayed :

  • Your device had no connection at the time
  • Poor  mobile signal on your device
  • Local modem may need its ARP cache cleared, a reboot does this.
  • Poor wifi connection.
  • on a rare chance 1% there is a message queue issue on the sender's end.
  • You have notifications set to only around that time
    • Account > notifications
    • Settings > Arrival Notifications
    • Yes - I'd like to receive an email between 07:00-08:00
    • Text Message Notifications  : Yes /No

notification settings


I would recommend you also install pulse app, but dont rely on it as a replacement for the full fat Extranet admin.booking.com , it is not!







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how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox

Heather Devine 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply, but that is not it. 

My computer is connected the whole time, and the messages come in the morning.     They should come IMMEDIATELY that the guest sends a message.  

I've been into Notification Settings, and I have already selected "Yes" in relation to 
"In addition to email confirmations, do you want to receive autodialed SMS messages for last-minute reservations by Booking.com? Messages and data rates may apply."

But I want more than a notification that someone has made a reservation.  A guest could arrive, and maybe they want more towels, or they want to tell me that something isn't working - at the moment, if they send me a message, I don't find out about it until 7am the next morning - there isn't an IMMEDIATE option on the Notification Settings. 

On the Messaging Preferences page, I have already selected "Yes" in relation to "E mail me when A guest sends a message" - but they don't. 

It's super annoying, and completely rubbish.