Early hours check in

Afternoon all,

Advice needed please.

Just had a booking through for next Sunday 16th August.  They have now messaged asking to arrive between 03.00 - 04.00 am.  I have replied stating this is not possible, latest check in is 22.00 hrs as I do not wish to disturb guests already asleep and risk the chance of a bad review.

I am happy to waive the booking if requested but what happens if they just take the chance and turn up at that time.


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Sue


That pretty standard request, I would accommodate them, as the cost of paying for their relocation is very much out of your control otherwise.

Also its very short notice.


As you have failed to complete your Partner Profile with your property listing , I dont know what type it is etc.


Could you please share the link here and later add to your profile. (see guide below)

do you live on site yourself or have staff who can meet them ?


I would ask them to be considerate of others when arriving that late. But that in itself is not a good enough reason nor the chance of bad review to not accommodate them.


Bigger  picture is more important.


Kind Regards


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