Electricity bill high from AIR Condition

Hello there,

Got a serious problem when it comes to air conditions working 24/7 and electricity bills are unbearable...

Guests do not comply with our rules and keep leaving the A/C's all day on to frozen. 

Any solutions? 

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Don Burns 3 years ago

There are tamper-proof thermostats for sale online that might help your problem.


Amazon sells this one for $59 (USD) that has a combination lock.





BrookAve 3 years ago

Another solution might be to invest in solar panel and battery, the tech has come along way and ot more common these days...even in rainy Ireland ,lol.



Another idea might be wifi connected smart plugs to act as middlemen, the app on your phone then can schedule or manual on or off. Act as a kill switch.



Used inconjuction with ifttt.com this should be the cheapest solution. I use it for similar, xmas tree on/off. Lighting and heating


Kind regards, merry xmas