Enquiry's about reservation

Hello Team Booking.com,


I have a quick question, once the client decides to rent a property , is their any chance that we can receive and enquiry first and then decide to accpet the booking not? Or once the client has payed, the reservation is automatically confirmed?


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Mario Kaddoura

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Mario Kaddoura


Simply put .... no. All bookings are automated as confirmed.


However having said that there are options and ways to veto a booking.


You just have to be smart about it and deal directly with the guest.


Set your first auto message to have a deposit procedure, and if they fail to do it with in x hours/days. 

Then you can click on Request cancellation, and option1.


Other times you can message the guest first and offer to change dates, or if unexpected maintenance work etc, ask them to either change dates or cancel.

then you can submit the cancel request