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Ensure your guests are not being diverted to another property when they try to book

Is diverting your potential guests to a competitor?

When signed out, click to make a booking of your property on

As in our case, a popup may appear at the top of the page saying that has "Found a better price." When we clicked on the message we were led to a Russian booking site - but the price offered was for a completely different property.

It appears that the hotel naming algorithm will suggest similarly named hotels, and thus lead bookers away from booking your property.

We have contacted about rectifying this and suggest you do the same if you encounter this problem.

Gecko Villa, Thailand

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fluff 5 years ago

Hi, never noticed the offers were of similar named properties, seemed similar-type-of-property to me. It's an unfortunate/annoying/counter-productive feature of BDC that must lead to many cancellations but not something you can really monitor to be sure.

Lovely area is Udon Thani, been there a few times. BTW, proof read your site, there are some spelling errors/typos in English.

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Info 5 years ago

Thanks Fluff.

We use UK English on our website rather than US English (with the exception of the French, German and Thai pages.) But do feel free to PM me if you came across other issues!

If you get the chance to visit again and plan a trip on the red lotus sea, do look us up. We are only 5 minutes from the boats that depart throughout the cool season.

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Bandara Hotels… 5 years ago

We also have same issue sometime but not often. Mainly it happen from marketing team that they put wrong hotel link. If it happen you can send email to market manager to solve out.