External Ical link issue

Hi everyone,

I synchronised my own website calendar woith booking calendar.

It works fine from Booking to my site but from my website to booking the link is not recognised by booking, although it works perfectly well with Airbnb.

Do you have any idea why ?

Do you got the same issue ?

Many tks for your help :)


BrookAve 3 years ago



Search Cal sync, ical sync, calendar sync


and you will find a resounding response of its not reliable.


Its fine for exporting outbound to your website or a email client calendar 


But the moment you expect bidirectional instant sync , its not a thing.


It has to be done externally to initiate it , normally I reccomend using a Channel Manager, but in this scenario, you need your website to initiate and force the sync.


Talk to the web dev you are using he should know how to do it.



Kind Regards