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I have some Queen Bedroom with 2 Queen Beds. I'd like to charge $25 extra per person for the 3rd and 4th person. I got one reservation of 4 pp but numbers don't match up.


Is there anyway I can see the breakdown of the payment or anybody has any tips on how to set up the $25 extra properly?

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MNEgro 3 years ago


You can see the breakdown of the payment for each reservation of course.

When you log to your account, on a home page, you will see the list of your reservations. Just click on the reservation and scroll down to the second tab (in the first tab, you see the dates/name/total amount of the reservation) where you have to click on a dropdown menu and you will see the price per night for each date. 


Regarding your second question, you have to contact support and ask them to activate "occupancy pricing" for your apartment. That way, you will be able to set the price depending on the number of guests in your apartment. After they activate this option for your apartment, you are able to set the price for the maximum number of people in your apartment and then you set the discount for 3 persons/for 2 persons/1 person if you like. You set the discount in percentage or in currency.


So that way, you can set that 3 persons pay 10% less amount or 25$ as you want, 2 persons pay 15% less or what ever discount you want.



Najia Haddock 3 years ago

How do you contact support?  There is no telephone or email address to be found!  I have the same problem and have had to contact guests to tell them to pay the extra charges. 

So, if I set the rates for the maximum occupancy then have to discount for each smaller number, what rate does the customer see when they search Booking?  If they see only the highest rate, I may lose the sale.  Should I set up a rate plan for each size of booking instead? If not, then how do I discount the rates from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1?

Chung Pai 3 years ago

wouldn't be easier and more straight forward if w can just ad $25/per person up to 4 people?

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pibomarco 3 years ago

I think it can go both ways, but it is basicly the same anyway.
ontact booking.com ask them that you want a base rate for 2 persons, and $25 for each extra person.