Extra guests, not in the reservation

I was wondering what you guys do when guests show up with more guests than what is in the reservation. Does anyone knows what is booking's policy if the guest refuses to pay for the other members of the party? I rent apartments, my rates increase depending on the number of guests. Can we refuse to give the keys and cancel the reservation if they arive with more guests?


I have a guest comming that booked for 2 people, but I know from conversations I had with her that there are at least 3 people comming, maybe more. I told her she needs to alter the number of people on the reservation to the correct number, but so far nothing. What would you do?

Javier 4 years ago

Hola Luana had the situation here, did you find any suggestion in other answer?


Javier 4 years ago

Check this advice

"How do I charge customer more for bringing more guests?"

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Don Burns 4 years ago

I would ask for the extra guest payment in cash, when they arrive.

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Alasma 4 years ago

I have been to this situation couple of times in the past. I have a saved template now. I ask guests to confirm number of guests to arrange facilities accordingly. 

Guests will have to leave the apartment if more than booked guests found out.

It did a trick to be honest .Otherwise ppl book for 1 person and end up coming later on specially after check in. 

We dont check unles really fishy or any complaint is received. 

I hope its helpful. 

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ProfLetz 4 years ago



do you mind sharing the template please

Luana Oliveira 4 years ago

Well, I do prevent that to a certain extent. I have a storage room so I remove the matresses that are not going to be used from the beds. But there is still the sofabed, and I heard a host once had people bringing inflatable matresses and sleeping bags... If they arrive all toguether I can always refuse to give the keys if they don't pay the extra, but what happens if the other arrive latter.

Michelle Phang… 4 years ago

Hi, I was wondering how to deal with guests that have come with an additional 3 people (1 baby), in a 2-people room. I am unable to accommodate more than 2 guests in one room, and the other room which the guest may book is also booked on those same days/nights this guest is booking the room. Is there any policy which I can refer to at booking.com for this?

Thank you in advance