Fail reservation

Dear Sir of Madam,

I have received one reservation from a client with false phone number, and he is not responding on my messages.

This is their booking number: ***

The reservation is on the 31.12.2019 for one night. 

Usually young people are looking this date for new year parties and I thing that they make this reservation only for this purpose. 

Please help me.

BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Skopje

If I understand right, you tried both the dashboard messaging section to the Guest and their provided phone number. Both result in no response.

Have you tried sending message to their booking.com inbox with ' your reservation requires an urgent action please reply so we can discuss'.


Check their preferred language on the reservation in case it is different,  then use google Translate to send the same message.

You also have a quicker why to verify and cancel,  which is to contact BdC support advisor give them the booking number and guest name, explain you suspect a fake reservation and you want them to contact to guest.


If guest does not respond then you want BdC to cancel the booking.


Is this booking actually prepaid?

If yes is it via Payments by Booking.com?

If no prepay then just ask BdC to cancel.


Contact BdC via phone not email for a swift resolution.


You'll find your region number here



Kind regards