Fake booking with last minutes booking and cancel at the same time


Have anyone experience this? 

I have at least 50 reservations with last minutes booking and while the message of reservation come through, 10 sec later, it requested to cancel the booking. This happened the same things for all of those reservations.

No matter how many rooms i make it  open to book, they will keep making these fake bookings until all of my rooms are fully booked on each day. This is not good and make a lot of work because it would destroy my business as it looks like my place are fully booked but it actually not. Although they requested to cancel the room right away, but it won't show as free until i approved to cancelled it. I felt only one person who make all of those booking or is it possible that a system which does this automatically? , But I have no ideas why they keep doing it and for what?? 

Anyone have any ideas or what I should do with this?? Appreciate for any help.



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fluff 4 years ago

Sounds like a competing hotel!

You will need to have a non-refundable policy on your last minute bookings AND the means to obtain the funds. Fake cards will still get through unless you use Booking.com Collect Payments.

Phalla Yai 4 years ago

Thanks @Fluff for your advice. 

I am not sure about Booking.com Collect payment as I am pretty new to this. 

But I remembered awhile ago, I have contact booking.com, they were mentioned that even guests has put down their credit card number, booking.com is not possible to collect any payment for guests. Is this system work recently? 

The Non-refundable policy seem also not work for me as few times, guests has cancelled last minutes or NO SHOW, we have not received any payment about those guests after from Booking.com . Can anyone tell how this work exactly? 

Thanks so much for your help! 


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fluff 4 years ago

The Booking.com Collect is not available in every country, worth double checking though.

You need to be able to process payment from the guest yourself i.e. off line credit card facility (ask your bank or find a third party company e.g. "Stripe" or contact Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise) , a fellow member here).

As I said before, it sounds like a competing hotel using dirty tactics. Have you discussed this with BDC, they may agree to block the user(s) from your listing.

There is also the possibility, if you know someone who is crafty with computers and the internet, to track down who's doing it!

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

I think reporting this to BDC maybe the best solution.

Wish you all the best.