False Reservation

I received a booking for my bed and breakfast from Germany at 3am this morning. The reservation is for tomorrow and Saturday. The person booked all 7 of our rooms plus our whole house option. Attempts to contact this person for more information about this reservation have gone unanswered. I am suspicious that this is a fraudulent reservation. Are there ways to confirm this theory so I can confidently make the rooms available for the weekend without worrying about the colossal mess that could result if a herd of people show up tomorrow?

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Sharonpowney 4 years ago

Really frustrating when you get things like this and I can understand your thinking.  You have posted this on the partner forum so we are unable to help try and contact the guest.  You should message booking.com help team using Inbox icon on Extranet or give your local office a call given the booking is within 48 hours.  Obviously you don't want to make up 7 rooms and then there is a no show.  Also depends on how guests pay as to how suspicious it can be, ie. if there is a valid credit card then quite safe but if you do payments yourself then more difficult.