Feature Request - Add prometric test to new partner and property signups form.


Feature Request- Add a prometric test to new partner signups (for both partner hub and property registration) to weed out the clueless.

and a first question on the wizard to prevent guests from registering on Partner hub also.


Its long over due to be said,, there are too many who register on here with out even the slightest notion of what they are even doing.


They will whinge, moan, threaten litigation, to sue, etc ..... .why?


All because they wont take the time to :


 Learn how to:

  1. actually run their service/business.
  2.  do spreadsheets / invoices/ basic math / plan rate plans, cost management
  3.  set up property on Extranet based on the featured provided.
  4.  take payments ,and what 3rd party options there are.
  5. the list goes on....


You only have to look at the splurge of posts, some hijacking others, off topic, not even remotely related... like someone walking into the room when you are having a conversation already and just inserting themselves, and talk over everyone.


They can blame BdC and the hub and extranet all they want, but it wont change the reality that they are blaming their tools and not themselves!


If you are not prepared to learn how everything works;

Have even a basic understanding of the principles;

Then you have no business running a paper bag service.



Does not matter where in the world you are, either make the effort or begone.



Kind Regards,

A leprechaun with zero tolerance for extremely thick and lazy people.