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Five top tips from Traveller Review Award winners

Dear partners,

Ever since this year’s Traveller Review Award (TRA) winners were announced, I’ve seen excellent tips posted by partners in the Community who have achieved amazing results. To save you time, I’ve collected their best advice in one place. Here is what we’ve learned:

  1. Cleanliness – a focus on cleanliness is the most mentioned tip in the community. That may feel natural and obvious today, but it’s grown in importance from before Coronavirus (COVID-19), when it was the second tip mentioned. 
  2. Communication – improving the guest experience with clear communication is the second most mentioned piece of advice. Partners communicate with guests using various messaging tools like chat and email. However, the takeaway TRA winners provide is that they try to determine which communication channel is the most convenient for their guests – and then they stick to it. Another related tip is about starting communication from the earliest stage of a reservation so you can establish a dedicated connection with guests and remain connected throughout their journey.
  3. Showcase COVID-19 protocols – this might seem related to the first tip in this list, but to my mind this isn’t necessarily about cleanliness. It’s about making sure your guests know that you meet the suggested COVID-19 requirements around social distancing, mask usage, and hand sanitisation. We’ve seen tons of opinions in the community about which protocols work and which do not, but nearly everyone seems to agree that showing your guests what you’re doing is key. So, if you haven’t indicated which guidelines you follow in the extranet, there is no time like right now to do so. 
  4. Invest in your property – many partners have posted about how much they’ve learned in the past year, and what steps they’ve been taking to appeal to guests as the world begins to open up again. For many, that means making sure their property is suitable for long-term stays and that they have amenities that appeal to travellers who need to get work done while travelling with kids. Everyone seems to recognise that travellers will increasingly combine business and leisure, and that many will be bringing their kids with them. 
  5. Know your area – many partners mention that it’s important to give guests advice about where to go for dinner or where to do laundry. When you visit a new town for the first time, a helpful host who can guide you is very important. Knowing your area can earn you higher scores. It’s also a way for you to shape the overall experience guests have of your town or city. You may have lived in the area for many years. All of the knowledge you’ve accumulated lets you add value to your guests’ experience –  beyond providing a place to rest their heads.

In your opinion, is there anything missing from this list? Would you order this list differently based on your own experience? Or is there a tip based on your own experience that the community can learn from?

BrookAve 2 years ago

6. Upsell Partner offers with local services, etc.


E.g. an equestrian centre, partners for affiliate kickback on customers sent their way.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Sergei and thanks for sharing helpful tips...


Be kind...be friendly....be positive.. even when awkward situations occur...


Hosting is caring!!!