Fraud by OYO in India & No Validations by Booking.com

Hi team,

I would like to highlight an issue we faced several times whereby OYO gets in touch with the Booking.com India team and shows them fake approvals or contracts that the property has given approval to OYO to manage all OTA booking channels.


  1. Based on this fake approval, OYO contacts the India local team
  2. Someone in the India Booking.com team gives admin access login to the admin portal extranet
  3. OYO updates hotel name, room types, prices
  4. We get ZERO bookings as OYO messes up everything - makes all room rates non refundable so there are no customer bookings

Question for Booking.com Tech and Security team

  • How is it possible that WITHOUT ANY CONFIRMATION OR VALIDATION FROM THE HOTEL PROPERTY OWNER, Booking.com gives login credentials to OYO
  • This is clear FRAUD
  • THERE HAS TO BE a process for the Hotel Property owner to be informed and asked to give their approval or rejection, before extranet access is given to any 3rd Party

This happened 2 times with me already, and its such a huge headache.

I really am disgusted with OYO's practices, but expected much better from Booking.com - fix this soon before it tarnishes your image completely.

Property ID 650001