Free Cancellation due to hotel closing

Good morning team, 

We need to cancel booking due to the closing of the hotel. Please make sure that the next booking are well cancel : 







Thank you for your help. 


Kind regards, 


Hôtel Boscolo Exedra Nice

BrookAve 3 years ago




You cannot post this here and expect  action. Nothing will happen. 


You have to do it yourself or contact BdC PartnerSupport directly .



Message or Call BdC PartnerSupport

  1. In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.
  2. Select ‘Booking.com messages’.
  3. Right Pane - Click on ‘See Contact Options’
  4. Choose Account
  5. Now choose Other
  6. Then at bottom , See all contact options, and click Message or Call
  7. As there is no one number for all partners, the number for your nearest BdC Partner Support is then revealed