Free extra night offer not being flagged up on searches

Hi, I want to offer a 4th night free for 3 nights booked, not difficult to set up but...

When it is set up there is no specific flagging against a search showing my offer, only a price which does not change for an enquiry for 4 nights against one for 3 nights. The 4 night search shows our price as cheaper than our competitors but does not explain why.

Am I missing something? If it can be flagged as a specific offer it would surely attract more interest.

Thanks for any light that can be shed on it.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Tim


I just had a look at that custom template promotion.


I think it is related to having multiple rate plans enabled .

without knowing  the make up of your rate plans , I would suggest reviewing them for conflicts.


TIP: if you have multiple rooms, you might want to restrict it to only one of them

Kind regards

Tim Leete 3 years ago

Hi Barry, yes we are limiting it to some rooms not all but my issue is that if I do a search for 3 days my rooms show the normal price, no problem. If I do a search for 4 days they show the same price, as I would expect. The missing thing is something to tell the potential customer who searches for 3 days that they get an extra day free, or if a customer searches for 4 days they get the message that there is a free day included. Not just a different price.

There seems to be nothing to draw the attention of the offer to anyone. 

No indication, flagging, logo etc shown on the searches.

Probably a question for Booking themselves to answer.

Marién Rubio 3 years ago

I tried it several months ago.The same happened, with 0 extra result, so I have decided do not repeat this kind of offer.

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Don Burns 3 years ago

TIM:  You likely must add your "fourth-night free" offer in your property description.


However, this can cause future reservation calendar problems; as you must rely on your guests to message you they wish to stay four nights.  If they don't, then another guest might book that fourth-night date, instead.