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We just had someone book 40 reservations and the Booking number:****

First, we have settings saying a person can only book 9 rooms so I do not know how this got through. Second, booking shows that the credit card did not pass first round of validity and then gives 20 hours to update. The reservations are showing from brazil which there are no flights to/from. 

We as a hotel should NOT have to wait 20 hours and hold these reservations when you know it is not a valid card and not valid reservations for 40 from Brazil during covid-19.

How can I get these cancelled ASAP.


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Timothy Spiker


There is a feature under the reservation details page.


Click on Request to Cancel and then the first option

You can add a comment to the chat first before doing so,  So that when an advisor is reviewing the request they can see why you picked that option.


Yes there may be a time limit to wait before doing so.

If that is the case still go ahead and detail the issue into the chat window, so that when you phone the support team you can have them read it so it will get them up to speed quickly.


At which point they should agree and start the cancellation to clear the fake bookings.


If you find the advisor is being thick and still not understanding the urgency of how it is blocking  new reservations etc, simply ask to be escaladed to another person or team manager.


Then update it here too later with how you got on., thanks


Kind Regards