Fully furnished apartment in Doha Qatar

Hello, I have a fully furnished apartment. Its location is very special and close to the metro.. It consists of a room and a hall.. For families.. It is fully equipped with kitchen and cooking utensils.. Everything is in it.. I want to rent it during the World Cup period between the date of the tenth of November  Until the beginning of the new year.. what do you think and how can I rent it to a specific person for the entire period only

BrookAve 1 year ago



The Ask:

  • an apartment
  • rental period  - 10th November 2022 - 2nd Jan
  • Only one booking to one party  , single  , 2 or family for the entire date range.



Now for the dose of reality :

  1. Zero chance of only one reservation taking the entire SET period.
  2. Even if you close all dates up to 10th november  and after 2nd January, and set most range dates for No Arrivals, it still wont work.
    1. e.g. you set 10th November No Arrival to NULL /BLANK, not set
    2. then set 11th november to Jan 2nd NO ARRIVALS = TRUE /enabled
    3. what that does is only allow one day the first day to arrive.
  3. So if you have only one rate plan and it is enabled for that date range and that listing/room type, and lets say its a custom plan for 60 days.
    1. this would work but you would need to let them know they can stay more than 60 days , up to the JAN 2nd 2023.
  4. this is just messy and crazy, but I like a challenge. lol
  5. if you really want only one stay booked and it to start from 10th November, then use the idea above.





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