Give a free room upgrade to guests

How can I transfer a booking to another room and open the old room for new bookings?

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago


Hi @Jardin de Aridane ,


Interesting question! Thank you for asking here. 


I'd like to consult with my colleague, Mariia, on this one. Mariia, do you maybe know how this works or which Help article might be the most relevant to share with our partner?


Thank you so much in advance! 

hostess 1 year ago

With our channel manager we are able to force a booking into another room. The guest is still classed as being in the original room.  Booking.com didn’t like the fact we had moved a guest in a better room on a ground floor with a bigger bed and more facilities but the guest did 

Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

Hmmm .... in the past, we've had problems with a property, often double bookings caused by Booking.com, and we've offered the guest an "upgrade" to a better / higher priced property. Almost all of them have been bitterly disappointed, even angry. They chose the one they booked for a reason - they prefered no wifi, the longer walk, the smaller rooms, etc. Of course, that's all nonsense and a way to try and get money back too. These days, if there's a problem, we just cancel - that prevents them posting a negative review too.