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Hi guys!!!

I know many partners have  problems with location, so I thought to share my new discovery which helps my guests find me even in the night.

My property is not in a touristic area hidden in the woods and although I send directions many of my guests cannot find it mostly because they dont follow instructions. I have tried all kind of instructions, sending pictures of signs in the roads etc. nothing worked...and of course my location rate gets low marks.

GPS COORDINATES is the solution.  I send my GPS COORDINATES through my Extranet inbox, a couple of days before arrival and like magic all of my guests come right out of my gate door ringing the bell!!! ding...dong!!!

Wow!!! just like this!!!

So far so good...hope it stays like this...


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fluff 4 years ago

Seems like a good solution but also shows your internet presence is lacking.

If we put our property name into a basic search or ANY map style app, including Google Earth, Maps and GPS systems (Garmin etc.) We pop up every time.

The taxi drivers in our province rarely have "the knowledge" so if they don't know us they simply tap our name into their chosen app and kazzam!

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Dear fluff yes you are right about luck of presence but I have requested from Google maps to add my rental vacation so when you search for The Adam’s Studio in Oropos it pops up.

Thanks to google maps know my property is visible.

Thanks for your comments.