guest for 2 nights is more trouble before checkin than he pays for the stay - can i cancel him?

A guest that is to arrive for 2 nights stay next week is calling a lot and asking a lot of questions which I happily answered. Then she tells me her cousin lives nearby the apartment I am renting on booking and requests that the cousin come to see the apartment as soon as possible because "she won't come to an apartment that hasn't been checked". 

Her cousin calls me, i tell him the apartment is not available at the moment and that I will call him when it's available to visit, which is not a mandatory thing but a courtesy thing from me, and he rudely says "in this case I need to check with her (the visitor/guest) if she still wants to come, I can't believe you can't accommodate me seeing the apartment sooner than tomorrow, it's not ok." 

Since for 2 nights stay the fuss and the rudeness are already over the top, can I cancel their reservation? Please, advise. 

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Don Burns 3 years ago

I can already tell, this guest will be a problem for you during her stay.


Cancel her reservation!

BrookAve 3 years ago

Grin and bear it instead,  but tell both previewing by proxy is not a service. It is a courtesy based on availability, and currently their is none.


Any such previewing is only available via the photos on listing and should they book they are agreeing to your terms and conditions; house rules; and reservation policy.


So if your rate plan they picked is prepay  and no cancellation allowed then they cant nickpick to have their cake and eat it.

Take their money and smile until she checks out. You can always say, ' that is not a service we provide' to any questions


Kind regards


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Toyin Iyede 3 years ago

I think this is sign of worse things to come from this guest to be. I will cancel and save yourself further and bigger problem.