guest with bed bugs


i have a guest house on a popular back packing island many customers are staying in cheap and nasty places it is becoming more regular that they are showing up with bed bugs any one got any ideas about this




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Aaltje B. 5 years ago


Hi Darron

I have searched for you and found something interesting.

It seems organic and safe to use.

Have a read.

Wishing you lots of wisdom and brave helpers to get rid of this problem.

Do you - by the way- allow your guests to use their sleeping bags in your units?

Since this may not help to keep things bug free.

Your story gives me the shivers!

You could also investigate how you can wash hair that has bed bugs.

And last but not least. Your cushions and covers will all need a good treat.

Hope the sun shines lots since that is also a very good remedy and vacuuming too. ( throw out the vacuum bag after use )

I think you have to hire someone who is bug-proof-brave and adamant to solve the problem.

And pay her good money.

You may have to implement some bug free rules in your place.

Buy a good magnifying glass to prove to people what they look like.

Wishing you a bug-free unit and lots of bug free guests, without sleeping bags.

Happy Hosting


Aaltje B.

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Le Balcon des Jasses 5 years ago

Hi Everyone, today I open my New Salon de Tea for my guest...my Husband built the last two month.....Who will be the first??

Hi from Lucy;

Le Balcon des Jasses, France

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fluff 5 years ago

That's sweet, a night time shot would be nice.

A totally non-serious tip for Darrendondet , install a sheep dip at the front door!

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Sonstbbs 5 years ago

Hi Darren,

Bed bugs are a real pest and very hard to get rid of.....they are persistent little blighters with the young so tiny you would never see them. I have not had personal experience of this but have helped neighbours who have...so...I pay for a pest control agent to come to the property at the end of every season when I can close all the rooms down. All bedding is removed and furniture tipped on their sides with the drawers out of units and he sprays each room covering all items. The rooms are then left for a couple of days to dry out then put back together. Like cockroaches, bed bugs will rear their heads time and time again unless got rid of properly. The chemicals that are used don't smell and have no risk to humans.

They love unvarnished wood and hide in any tiny cracks or crevices in bed bases as well as behind pictures, under wall paper and any tiny gaps anywhere.

You can buy over the counter sprays if you are trying to keep on top of them on a day to day basis but it's hard to control. Bedding ideally needs to be either frozen or boil washed to kill them off..eggs can also be among pillows and duvets.

It's a major task and if a major infestation has taken can cost thousands to treat everything within a guesthouse....so while it costs me a couple of hundred pounds a year to get things sprayed..touch wood it's kept the bugs at bay!

No amount of 'rules' will stop them coming in if they are arriving in new guests luggage!

Just catch a couple and stick them on a piece of clear tape and make sure any staff know what they are looking for and tell you if they come across them.

So good luck!