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Guest messaging system - attachments


Can we attach a PDF document when we message a guest. At the moment we can only attach a picture file.

This is helpful, as I've created a property brochure which I sent out to every guest before their arrival. At the moment I'm doing it via Email, but it means having to copy & paste their email address and when they receive it the email is full of unnecessary text.

Doing it via the standard message window inside the Extranet would be a lot easier!

Many thanks for your kind attention!



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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Hi Adrian,

I think that is a brilliant idea!

Make sure to suggest it directly to using the Send feedback button way down at the bottom of the screen on any page via your Extranet. 

Hope they hear us :-)

Melanie Edwards 3 years ago

Fabulous idea!! 

I too will suggest this via the 'send feedback' button!! ??