Guest misconduct. Are the guests told?

Hi guys we had guests stay on 31st they were to stay last night too but left yesterday morning. We had to report them for misconduct as they smoked and were excessively loud and left the room in a very bad state with blood andud on sheets. We reported them yesterday and opted to not follow up incident. However I received a call from them which I missed at midnight. I am worried now they are still in the area and feel nervous they will return possibly angry. I am just asking would booking. Com have shown them my report. I have no problem with it but being a truthful report - my husband took pictures--but they were quite intoxicated so maybe they didn't realise the extend.

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jaybeegee 4 years ago

No of course bdc will not show the report especially if you opted not to follow up on the incident. Easy for me to say but I would probably call the guests instead of waiting in sort of fear - they are the bad ones not you!

Campassi 3 years ago

To submit a misconduct report:

  • Confirm that the info provided is truthful and accurate
  • Agree that the info provided can be shared with the guest, who is the subject of your comments, as well as with third parties (including law enforcement). This includes the context of a data subject access request or a question from the guest as to why he/she is blocked from booking at your property.
Villa 223 3 years ago

What action does booking.com take when there is misconduct?