guest request to cancel 1 of the 3 nights booked



does anybody know how to deal with this ?


somebody reserved 3 night and now i got a message that he would like to cancel the last night


how can i do this ?

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Mike 4 years ago

Just accept his cancellation.

Les Oliviers 4 years ago



sorry but he paid for 3 nights to booking. he just send me a message that he wants to cancel.

but i can only cancel the 3 nights at one go.

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fluff 4 years ago

The guest must request this through the BDC site. He booked with BDC, he cancels with BDC.

Once done the matter is then between you and BDC as to how you proceed on the monies involved, either following your cancellation policy or waiving the fee. Any fee waived is not liable for commission.