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Does anyone else have reviews which can be 10 across the board and then and end review of say 7/8. Personally I think this new method is harming my business, as it's not logical at all, does anyone else feel this way?

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Robin Sherwood  

Don´t forget that the overall experience rating is not the average of the individual review ratings. The guest´s experience at your property is more than just bed rating, comfort and location. The guest interacts with your property´s services and staff in so many ways, that it would be an endless list of topics to rate after their check out. 

For example: You might have the best location, your bed is heavenly and your wifi has excellent speed, but the guest was expecting a room away from the elevator that you couldn´t accommodate, or that the parking was always busy and couldn´t find a spot on the first round, something made the guest´s stay below their expectations. Therefore, the overall experience might be lower than the individual topic ratings. 

Actually, you might also encounter lower individual topic ratings but a 10 on the overall rating, which means that even though your bed was not a 10, their stay at your property exceeded their expectations. 

I would suggest you contact the guests directly and ask them what can be improved, when or where did their stay go wrong and take action on them. Sometimes is a matter or perception, or content information that was not clear or given to them that had them with wrong expectations. You might find interesting points of view that only fresh eyes could offer.

Hope this helps!