A guest tested postive with COVID-19

So it (finally) happened...

A guest scheduled to depart tested positive for COVID-19. To be honest I was nor surprised, due to the guests behavior and not listening to small hints about keeping the circle small - But anyways here we are... So the guest is now "confined to room" and we do groceries and delivers the what the guest needs before the door and have no interaction. The guest is not allowed to leave the room and is probably not able to fly the next 14-21 days. What has others done with rate and other costs?

BrookAve 1 year ago




Good question but at the end of the day its entirely up t oyou.



1. Do you actually want them there? if not ask them to leave immediately, its not your problem. If they are being difficult and ungrateful, kick them out, harsh, but not your problem,



2. If you are going to accommodate them , then yes agree a rate with them for min 2 week to max 3-4.

but dont be greedy when deciding a rate.




3.This rate is outside the pervue of BdC, so you will not be paying commission on it.

Its entirely between you and the guest. So typically its should be cheaper than if they booked on BdC.



Would be great if you finished your profile with your listing link so we know where you are