Guests bringing in extra people


This is starting to happen on a regular basis.  My room only has 2 single beds and only suitable for 2 people.  However, recently I have had guests asking if they can bring an extra guest in and will share a bed or bring sleeping bags.  My space is tight so no room for even a cot yet people keep asking if they can squeeze in another person.  I recently had someone ask if they could bring a hot plate and cook their own breakfast!  Is anyone else experiencing this problem and how can we stop it?


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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

Are you aiming at lower price point?  Might be better to spend a bit of money bringing up to higher standard so you can put up prices and attract better guests.

Saadiah Badrudin 8 months ago

Upon booking, the number of guests specified was 3 adults.  Prior to checkin, the guest asked to weather or not she can bring extra people. Maximum number of guests for our place is 6 including children.  Shortly after, the guest called again to add more guests, making the number is about 10 persons. I just wonder why some people simply compromised their integrity riding on the misery of others.  Any advice?