Guests cancellation

Hi Everyone I dont know what topic to pick for this...but anyway.. A guest made a booking on Sunday night for 4 nights (Mon to Thur, check out Friday) this week. But late Monday evening he phoned to say he could not make it and had to cancel. I asked him to cancel it online so it would make the room available to someone else, he said he would but he never did. So I tried to do it myself but all I could do was change his dates for one night (Mon night) seen as I was going to take payment for last minute cancellation. I got paid for one night (Mon night) and later (after mid night) I marked him as a ''no-show'' which I thought would cancel the remaining 3 nights...but it didnt! His room is still blocked off online and I cant re-sell his room online unless I get what I call a ''drive by'' which is someone who just turns up at my door needing a room, but that has'nt happened either. When I changed his dates to one night, I got an automated pop up box that said b.com would contact me in 2 days, no one contacted me, I sent them another message today and it said b,com would contact me in 1 day....aww lads I cant be waiting all week!! Is everyone in b.com office on vacation this week ??!! Anyone know how do I un-block that guys room for tonight Wednesday and Thursday night this week so I can re-sell it. I only got paid for Monday night. Thanks in advance for any help.

BrookAve 4 years ago

yeah the lesson learned here is mark it as a no show when they do not cancel it.


and or ring BdC say guest requested cancel but didn't not follow procedure, then BdC will phone the guest to confirm and do it for you.