Guests Not Reading - Auto Message Templates - Alternative Solutions


  • Right so the premise of the topic is , the more detail you have in your message template NEW RESERVATION, the longer it gets.
    • but its important to mention and cover off on certain things so theres no avoiding it.
    • mark the first section as important Must Read within first hours of booking


  • Mine is about 4 x A4 Pages long , even after rewording, shorter sentences, succinct concise etc
    • I created short videos on my phone and would send them to the guest via whatsApp
    • WhatsApp have size limits so trying to put everything into one video can be too big.
  • What I came up with since then was , I discovered some free video editors , with loads of free tutorials,
    • Best Free Editor - DaVinci Resolve 18 (not studio)
      • By sitting down and thinking about what it is as a guest you would need to know, create an outline /script high level
      • then break it down into sections or more details
        • Where we are located
        • How To get here
          • From AirPort
          • From train station
          • From Ferry 
          • bus and taxi options
            • link to time table website
            • links to apple and andorid app for Taxi - e.g. FreeNow (aka Halo)
          • use Google Maps and add pins 
            • create screen shot of that route
            • save the google map short links
        • On Arrival
          • Where you can park
          • Where is keybox /entry point
          • What code do I need to get through front door or porch door
          • I'm now in where do i go to find the room
          • Is there a 'remove shoes policy'
          • Where can I drop off my luggage until the room is available and previous guest checks -out.
          • Is there a kitchen i can use /where can i cook or store food
          • Where is the bathroom /shower room
            • where are towels in bathroom /shower gel /toilet roll
    • Once you have all the short video how-tos you can compile them into a time line in a video editor like DAVINCI Resolve, or an online free editor like invideo.io
    • I keep thinking of new things to add in, as new guests come and go. Issue I spotted or flaws with how some will just not read anything and barely try to watch the video or entirely dont at all and then turn up, ring doorbell and expect to get in when i'm not working from home.
    • my cure for that is to now send the day before arrival , a message on booking with the unlisted youtube video with ' Guest Cehck-in video - Mandatory viewing ' along with their front door code, that i have preset with a date/time in and out on Samsung SmartThings android app (with RBOY script)
      I usually include links to whatsapp on apple and android app stores and a note to contact me via Whatsapp if any other questions. Yes you could use telegram or signal too, for the paranoid people.

      and a second copy to their account phone number via WhatsApp
    • i keep some of the short videos on my whatsapp so if i think someone hasnt watched the main video, and will struggle to use the electric shower i just send that one on .
    • To date all guests who actually bother to watch the video have said they loved the idea , versus TLDR of a new reservation message.


  • If anyone is interested in getting a video done feel free to reach out to me and we can do a draft.
  • I am on websites like fiverr so you would just use the custom offer ask questions feature.
  • I was thinking of sharing my early version of my check-in video here. It's a wee bit rough but i will keep evolving it.


Diogo Azevedo 1 year ago

Hi BrookAve,
Thank you so much for all the tips and sharing the nice ideas. 
Would be nice to watch your check-in video. 


Caesar Chang H… 1 year ago

Hi BrookAve, Thank you so much for all the tips and sharing the nice ideas.  Would be nice to watch your check-in video.