Guests selling on their reservation

I have a guest who booked to stay later in the year.  They now want to cancel and expect a refund, despite not using the flexible booking option.  I have said no to a refund.  He has been very threatening to me but I have stood my ground.  he is now asking if the room is still available to him and implying that he is going to try and sell his reservation on.  I just want to check that I am still covered by my public liability insurance if he does this - if I have guests staying who are not detailed on the reservation.  Can I refuse to accept this change?  I don't want to act illegally by refusing, but I also don't want to compromise my insurance.

Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

We set all bookings to be non-refundable, full stop - it prevents most people messing us around and ensures we don't lose money.

However, for a stay later this year, you have plenty of time to get another booking in. Of course, you're within your rights to refuse the refund, but you now have an angry guest who is likely to cause you problems - who knows what he'll do. He could sell the reservation on to some really bad guests who cause damage. He could post a negative review. Who knows?

For this case, do yourself a favour and allow the cancellation. You could charge an admin fee - ask the guest to pay a small admin fee by bank transfer and that you will then authorise a full refund. Save yourself from a lot of problems in the future .....