Has review score changed back to an average?


I know last year or so the guest reviews changed so that the guest chose the "overall score" they gave for the review, rather than it being an average of the other categories (cleanliness, location, staff etc).

However, I just got a review of 9.6/10 which isn't possible with the above. I worked it out that 9.6 is the average of the 6 categories... has Booking.com changed the review system back to how it was before? Has anyone else noticed this?

Thank you,


BrookAve 2 years ago



first i'm hearing of it.

Betty's Boutiq… 1 year ago

Yes I just got an 8.8 too so must have will be better than the rather harsh ones of late some people never give 10,s and it says 8 is very good but we know we want better don’t we ! So focussed on customers tho than owners especially when no right of reply when they don’t comment then leave a low score !