Hello Ive just started as partner, either im doing something wrong or is literally imposible to have a live conact with the booking team as a partner, please help!

So the main isuee is i been loged out for sometime from my parner account because i booking came i was able to log in through the email link.

1. First problem, during the time i havent loged at all(and this should be verifiable by them)(aproxx 1 year, and this was because the app for partners loged me out and i couldn’t log in after that), basicly two bookings were made but i have not recived any guests from them, onle left a 1 star review in one of my listing and that listing is blocked right now wich in a way im glad because if it was left open it yould have been worse. Basicly they are requesting their cut but there is no way i now of to contact them and solve the issue.

2. The lwebsite allows me only payment by card at location and cash at location, i dont have a hotel this are my private listing which i though of using as daily rentals and they are in different cities basicly i cant be at 2 cities at once, and they are 4h appart which would mean i have to pay two wages just to be able to collect the payment which is completly inpractical. Ive booked as a guest in hotels and i know that the website is able to take the payment directly i dont know why it dosent give me the option to do such a thing now that im a partner. The thing is i dont live in neither of the cities mentioned above.

3. Ive tried to contact them by email they gave me a UK phone number contact which from my country i dont know if its posible to contact them. There is no way exept the premade articles to get help. This has been an head ache and complete mess. I havnt not found no practical way to reach someone that can help.

Ive been a host through airbnb and started in the same time with both websites. At airbnb now im a super host and with booking.com im in dept🤷🏻‍♂️. If someone knows a solution to any of these points i would be very gratefull as now i have bookings in the near future but if it continues like this i dont know if i will be able to acomodate my guests and worse yet my dept will increase.


Monika van Sorgen 1 year ago

We have the same problems.

After a long time we found a phone nr in Holland.

After 25 min waiting life contact with a friendly women, but her advice to send mail - - - now answer.

Now i send new mail but ......


A3 and Monika B &B de Smisse 

Murchison View… 1 year ago

There is literally to no support I am afraid - I have been trying to chase something up for 8 weeks now.  No response.