hello, please can you check my booking account as host and help me please

Hello, I am truly shocked that I haven't been able to contact you before, your page is very confusing and I really need help with a payment you are charging me from I don't know what

I started a profile but never finished it because again I couldn't understand your page and couldn't talk to anyone

I never could synchronise my airbnb calendar so I never launched my property with booking

Please, ,what is going on, why are you charging me If I have never talked to any future guest, received any payment or anything

I really want to expand my service but I wanted advise from someone and never found out how to talk to someone

I have a succesfull relation with airbnb and I have a very nice property, I don't owe anybody any payment

Please can you check why are you charging me and maybe we can solve things out and start working with you

The only thing I could manage was to put my property on sleep mode or something like that so that is wouldn't cause any future situation or complain even though I never set up a payment method or anything that made my property ready to offer a service

Please believe me, I am a serious person and I want to solve this but I don't owe anybody Monet because I haven't received and contact with you, guest or received money

Here in Peru we receive so many calls from phone marketing that I never answer unknown calls, so maybe if you have called me before and never answered, it is because to that 

Hope we can solve things out fast

Thank you 


+51 998292746