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Help needed

I'm not new on but I have screwed up my page. According to last year's experience, I wanted to facilitate bookings and give different prices to the rooms according to the room locations, space, and type.
My Superior Family Room now disappeared (though yesterday it was there) and can't get it back into the list.
Second problem: last year I had two types of rooms and I served breakfast for standard rooms, whereas the family type of rooms have a kitchen inside and guests cooked themselves (meals were not included). How can I offer breakfast to specific rooms and not to all?
Your help would be highly appreciated.

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Tamar,


If I understand right, I would create Text on photos to explain the offering , and also edit the Fine Print section to describe it too.

Creating or duplicating a room photo and then putting text on it is a handy way of getting a guest to realise an offering should them choose to skim read.


They will look at photos first over a page of text.


You can edit and submit amendments to fine Print via Property menu > View Descriptions.


For the room details page glitch, please contact Support Team, see info below.





Kind Regards



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Magradzetamar74 4 years ago

Hi Barry,
Thank you for your response, but I must have explained the situation not very clear.
1. I have one type of room disappeared from my offer list;
2. I can't differentiate rooms with breakfast and with no meals;
3. A new problem has occurred: can't find where are the occupancy pricing (and I have done it a thousand times in the past)
Thanks for your time

BrookAve 4 years ago




I was proposing a workaround , by using the Fine Print area and images with text to convey quickly to guests who will look at the photo section quicker than read the entire page of text.


I saw a  glitch previously where options in room details for managing rooms , + had disappeared but then returned .


I had spoken to support and they could do it for me.

Considering such a glitch of room disappearing that something you definitely need to report  by phone so that they can confirm they cannot see it too.


You wont be able to differentiate with current setup from what I can see.

3. Occupancy based rates

Have not used it myself but maybe this can help.…