Hi, how is it that we set a minimum stay of 3 nights and a guest was able booked a 2-night stay; a bit of a shock...

Hi, how is it that we set a minimum stay of 3 nights and a guest booked a 2-night stay; a bit of a shock... 

A guest cancelled a 4-night stay, then we changed the number of minimum stay of 4 nights so as to give ourselves a break but then someone was able to book a 2-night stay the first 2 nights of the 4 night slot, which was a shock.   We then thought maybe another renting site (tripadvisor) was still on a 2-night minimum stay syncing the calendar, so we changed that to 3 night minimum stay, then also set booking.com to 3 night minimum stay.  However, a second party was able to still book a 2-night stay for the 3rd and 4th night, more shock.  Why is that, please?  We really don't want that to happen again.  Thanks.

BrookAve 1 year ago





  • was the min length of stay  =4 only in one rate plan then another rate plan of promo under said room type was then different
  • if you open the calendar in list mode, choose the room type
  • now expand all rate plans and promos listed to check the min length of stay for those dates  , do they all say 4 or something else or nothing.?


next action would be to phone partner support to review it with you 



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