HI-jacking Topics - Just Do Not Do It


What is Hi-Jacking a topic?


When someone replies to an existing topic on topic X, and then initiates their own topic on Y.


It takes mere seconds to click the button on the right pane called - Start a conversation, highlighted as white on blue to the right of almost every page. Zero Excuses.


I make a guide on how to find the Contact info in Extranet for partner  use only , which is not accessible to

  • users registered here only with no property
  • or no full Extranet access due to incomplete property activation.
  • Guest who register on the partner community
  • Non property 3rd party businesses who want to partner


It is considered extremely lazy , incompetent and disrespectful to do so.


Just dont do it.


They will be deleted., and as a point of action I will never help you if you do it.




Kind Regards



Brooke - Commu…
3 years ago

Good tip!