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Hiking to kaskikot

we had group of guest from Japan and we organize  a day hike with them. We started early morning from Pokhara and drive to Nagdanda then see the sunrise, after sunrise we hike to kaskikot to see Panaromic view of himalaya.. we made some photos ate packed breakfast then hike down through maula, guntechaur,Chilimedanda and Majthum. Had lunch in jiban’s farm house at Majthum, little rest and bought some organic honey to take way. At last we cached a bus and back to our place in Pokhara (Bishnu Homestay)

it was a great memorable experience with Japanese Family.

meet many locals, saw many birds n domestic animals, local crops etc

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago


That sounds AMAZING! Well done to you for literally "going the extra mile" to show your guests a good time. Sometimes I forget that we are offering more than just accommodation, but an entire experience.

How did you go about making the hiking trip safe? For instance, did you have a medic or someone with first aid with you in case something happened?

Keep well!

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Bishnu2033 4 years ago

Hello Leandri klopper,

thank you for your feedback and asking about safety. Yes of course we are always careful about safety which is important. We hire also guides and porters if it is necessary and we have taken training and got liscened from government. We always take first aid box Incase of emergency.

Thank you